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Green Turtle Christmas Festival of Lights...
The Green Turtle Christmas Festival of Lights was presented for the first time in 2009. An idea was presented to the island residents, a committee was formed, and the Festival
was born. The purpose of the Festival was two fold: to boost the morale and pride of the island residents and to promote tourism (Green Turtle Cay is part of the “Family Islands” and they love to share their beautiful island with visitors.) If you were here for the 2009 Festival, you know it accomplished it's goal. This was truly a community effort by the locals, second homeowners and vacationers alike.

I hail from a large Midwestern city in the U.S., and I must say that the lights and outdoor decorations that the Islanders displayed rivaled many of those seen here at Christmas time. It is clear that the citizens of Green Turtle Cay embraced the “Festival of Lights “ idea with enthusiasm.

The 2009 season began mid November with the local 24/7 youth group decorating the homes of the senior citizens with lights and treating them to a delicious luncheon delivered piping hot by golf cart. From that point things moved rapidly forward and each and every day, more lights were added, fences were repainted and one could feel the pride develop in the community. The town's utility poles beginning at the school hill, continuing through the town and around the harbourside, were ablaze with lights. In the dark of night, the site was breathtaking with the multi-colored reflections off of the water. The Festival began on Thanksgiving evening where 220 turkey dinners were served at the Festival site. This was followed by a short program. Following the program, 58 of the local youth proudly displayed their torchlight creations to a very enthusiastic audience. Congratulations to the youth that participated in the procession. We are very proud of them.

There were many activities offered throughout the festival: Bingo, Kid's game night, golf cart parade (we were amazed at the number of golf carts that were transformed into sleighs and wagons holding gifts, stuffed animals and people dressed for the occasion), and even a visit from “Santa” The programs were varied, fun and well attended.
Am I going to be back for the 2010 festival? ABSOLUTELY!

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